Merriam-Webster defines a plumb line as a line (as of cord) that has at one end a weight (as a plumb bob) and is used especially to determine verticality.

Verticality is most important to master builders. Verticality means being or situated at right angles to the horizon; upright. (I will let you figure out this metaphor. I have long believed that love of God is the plumb line. I have seen many weighty items used as a plumb bob.

What follows blew up inside of me with flashing lights and glorious music yesterday. I had never entertained this thought before. I am asking you, “Do you agree that this could be a plum bob? Here it is:

“We should never think less of any person than God does!”

This could also be a great relational filter. I guarantee you that this one insight can improve relationships, expand missional activities, and revolutionize cultures.

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  1. I agree but would add “never think more of any person than God does” as well – that means using his definitions of reality and human nature rather than mine, ours or human society.

  2. (“We should never think less of any person than God does!”) I think the key to understanding this metaphor is found in knowing the love of Yahweh and having the mind of Messiah concerning others. The problem is far too many people do not know the way of love, and their minds have not been renewed by the Word of the Spirit. What HE has said and is saying is more important than the worse thing we believe to be true about ourselves and others. The greatest vindication, validation and understanding comes when we receive the full embrace of HIS love and forgiveness. Our ability to love and forgive others will be directly commensurate with ability to remember how much HE loved us. I pray for any short-term memory loss that we may have suffered.

    1. Excellent, Blake! We love because He first loved us. The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who is given unto us. Whenever we sense that we are failing to love, we need to climb up on Abba’s lap and get loved on for awhile.

  3. Definitely! I teach the people of God (the few who want to listen) to treat, see, and talk to people as if they are either …

    1. the finished work of God (Eph 2:10),
    2. that they already members of the body (Eph. 2:19),
    3. or as God loves them as He loves us (John 13:34-35).

    It’s just easier, to me personally, as to “do unto them as if I am doing unto the Father or Christ.”

    This is actually the title of my next book, “Done Unto His Image.”

    Great revelation!

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